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Research Building CellNanOs

The Research Building CellNanOs at Campus Westerberg (operated since September 2017) provides a central laboratory infrastructure to foster interdisciplinary research projects within the Center for Cellular Nanoanalytics. The building is organized in three floors covering a total of 1500 sqm. The ground floor harbors laboratories for light and electron microscopy techniques that are operated under biological safety S2 regulation including the infrastructure for sample preparation. Combination with class 4 laser safety opens unique opportunities for imaging pathogens and disease-related processes. A comprehensive biological and chemical laboratory infrastructure in the first floor promotes interdisciplinary collaborations and independent junior groups. In the top floor, office space, communication zones and seminar rooms are designed to foster scientific exchange.

Integrated Bioimaging Facility Osnabrück (iBiOS)

The integrated Bioimaging Facility iBiOs is a core facility within CellNanOs. The iBiOs provides access to advanced fluorescence with highest spatial and temporal resolution. Next to state-of-the-art high-resolution fluorescence imaging techniques, the iBiOs has specialized on live cell single molecule localization microscopy such as PALM/STORM and single molecule tracking as well as single molecule spectroscopy (FLIM, FCS). The iBiOs provides access to cutting-edge techniques such as lattice light-sheet microscopy and develops new nanoparticle based methods such as upconversion microscopy in close collaboration with different research groups at CellNanOs.

More details can be found on the webpage of iBiOS.

Mass Spectrometry

CellNanOs operates a high-level mass-spectrometry facility.

Direct access and more information can be found on the mass-spectrometry website.