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What helps in the fight against Alzheimer's? New method allows drug screening in living cells

Alzheimer's disease affects millions of people worldwide - and the numbers are rising. The interest in researching effective drugs is correspondingly high. A team led by Osnabrück biologist Prof. Dr. Roland Brandt (RG Neurobiology) has now developed a method that makes it possible to identify promising substances in living cells. The work has been published in the prestigious scientific journal "Nature Communications".

27 Feb 2024

Nanomaterials meet membrane biology: Interdisciplinary research training group granted

Great success for CellNanOs researchers: the German Research Foundation (DFG) will fund the research training group "nanomaterials@biomembranes" with 6.9 million euros starting in October 2023. The initiative supports PhD projects at the interfaces of nanomaterials synthesis, chemical surface functionalization, and membrane biochemistry and biophysics - and offers "outstanding opportunities to qualify for interdisciplinary research fields that are currently emerging between biology, chemistry, and physics," says the consortium's designated spokesperson, Prof. Dr. Jacob Piehler.

8 May 2023

Replenishing fluorophores during imaging

Scientists of the iBiOs facility have engineered novel “reHaloTag” variants that allow reversible labeling of proteins in live cells. In combination with fluorogenic substrates, substantially prolonged live-cell high- and super-resolution microscopy has been achieved. Application in single molecule tracking and localization microscopy and combination with SIM was particularly impressive. The work has been recently published as a “hot paper” in “Angewandte Chemie” and will be highlighted on the front cover.

Reversible Live-Cell Labeling with Retro-engineered HaloTags Enables Long-Term High- and Super-Resolution Imaging

Holtmannspötter M, Wienbeuker E, Dellmann T, Watrinet I, Garcia-Sáez A J, Johnsson K, Kurre R, Piehler J

20 Mar 2023

New Collaborative Research Centre

The University of Osnabrück is receiving more than 11.5 million euros from the German Research Foundation (DFG) for the new Collaborative Research Centre 1557 "Functional plasticity encoded by cellular membrane networks". The DFG is thus funding the joint research of numerous young scientists around the biochemist Prof. Dr. Christian Ungermann (4th from right). "A tremendous success and great recognition," say University President Prof. Dr. Susanne Menzel-Riedl and Science Minister Falko Mohrs.

EWK grants funding of NFDI4BIOIMAGE

The Joint Scientific Council (GWK) of federal and state governments has approved funding of several national research data infrastructure (NFDI) initiatives including the NFDI4BIOIMAGE. Headed by Dr. Susanne Kunis, the iBiOs Facility at CellNanOs was founding member of this initiative, which will focus on developing a framework to promote sharing and exploiting image data across disciplines in life sciences. Scientists from ten research institutions are involved in the consortium, which is coordinated by the University of Düsseldorf (HHU) and DKFZ Heidelberg. A total funding of 11.6 million € was granted for the work of the entire consortium over a period of five years. At Osnabrück University, the team of Dr. Kunis will address the definition of common mechanisms and standards, starting from a consolidated approach to a common data format and techniques for metadata formulation.

4 Nov 2022

Spatially controlled signaling nanodroplets

Close interdisciplinary collaboration of the You group with the groups of Steinhart, Piehler and Holthuis at the CellNanOs Research Center established biofunctional nanodot arrays in live cells. They demonstrate unique quantitative analysis of interactions and phase separation at nanoscale Wnt signaling platforms. The work has been published in the renowned interdisciplinary journal "Small" and has been featured on the front cover.

Biofunctional nanodot arrays in living cells uncover synergistic co-condensation of Wnt signalodroplets

Philippi M, Richter CP, Kappen M, Watrinet I, Miao Y, Runge M, Jorde L, Korneev S, Holtmannspötter M, Kurre R, Holthuis JCM, Garcia KC, Plückthun A, Steinhart M*, Piehler J*, You C*

20 Oct 2022

First structure from "Elenor" published in eLife

After years of tedious work, the Ungermann and the Möller labs together solved the structure of the multiprotein HOPS complex, uncovering key mechanistic features of endosomal vesicle tethering and fusion. The work has been published in eLife and featured as a landmark paper in the field.

Structure of the HOPS tethering complex, a lysosomal membrane fusion machinery
Shvarev D**, Schoppe J**, König C**, Perz A, Füllbrunn N, Kiontke S, Langemeyer L, Januliene D, Schnelle K, Kümmel D, Fröhlich F, Moeller A*, Ungermann C*

13 Sep 2022

Keeping the heart in the right rhythm

How does the heart stay in rhythm? This question was the focus of an investigation by a team led by Dr. Heiko Harten from the Zoology group. The researchers discovered that the enzyme "neprilysin 4" plays a decisive, yet hitherto completely unknown role in this process. The results have been published in the journal Nature Communications.

Neprilysins regulate muscle contraction and heart function via cleavage of SERCA-inhibitory micropeptides
Schiemann R, Buhr A, Cordes E, Walter S, Heinisch JJ, Ferrero P, Milting H, Paululat A, Meyer H

22 Aug 2022

First CellNanOs Open House for Osnabrück University

On June 14th in the afternoon, the CellNanOs opened its doors to all members of the University. After a keynote lecture by Arne Möller on structural biology by cryo-electron microscopy, the CellNanOs staff offered ample opportunities to explore the cellular nano-world via lab demonstrations, virtual reality events and 3D-printed nanostructures. In addition, young researchers presented interdisciplinary projects at CellNanOs and in the Student lab, students could meet with advanced master and PhD students.

14 Jun 2022

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New publication on the cover of Cell Reports Methods

In this current issue of Cell Reports Methods we are featured with our article on the cover

Four-color single-molecule imaging with engineered tags resolves the molecular architecture of signaling complexes in the plasma membrane
Bellón JS, Birkholz O, Richter CP, Eull F, Kenneweg H, Wilmes S, Rothbauer U, You C, Walter MR, Kurre R, Piehler J.

7 Mar 2022

New high-end transmission electron microscope for structural biology

3 million euros for cutting-edge research at the University of Osnabrück

14 Apr 2021

Publication in eLife

Nanoscopic anatomy of dynamic multi-protein complexes at membranes resolved by graphene-induced energy transfer
Füllbrunn N, Li Z, Jorde L, Richter CP, Kurre R, Langemeyer L, Yu C, Meyer C, Enderlein J, Ungermann C, Piehler J, You C

29 Jan 2021

Behind the Scenes - Research Excellence in Lower Saxony

As part of the series "Research Excellence in Lower Saxony", Prof. Sabine Zachgo and Dr. Michael Holtmannspötter present their recent work on superresolution imaging of transcriptional regulation in cell nuclei of plant roots.

17 Jul 2020